What the course entails

The LCCP is experiential and practice-based. You will learn to develop emerging leaders while strengthening your own leadership skills. And you will enjoy the continued support of respected leadership practitioners and your colleagues while you learn to apply your new skill. This course provides 120.5 ICF accredited student contact hours.

Development of an ongoing learning community. Faculty and students are responsible for contributing to the learning of the group during and between class sessions. Participants often develop learning relationships that continue after completion of the course.

Exploration of effective theories and best practices. Participants are exposed to, and try, evidence-based leadership/coaching and diversity best practices.

Experience with leadership and coaching tools. Participants are introduced to the theory and use of professional instruments used to assess interpersonal communication styles, leadership and diversity effectiveness.

Pro bono coaching practicum. Participants practice their developing coaching skills pro bono with three coaches.

Formal evaluation. Participants demonstrate their coaching skills in a real-life coaching practicum, and prepare a final project and paper that explore and integrate what they have learned during the course.


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