More than a Leadership Certificate Program

As was promised, the LCCP advanced my thinking in the three pillars of the course: Leadership, Coaching, and Diversity.  I am a stronger leader now than I was when I began the program and I have seen my efforts profoundly enrich my work. It’s unclear exactly how each cohort member will proceed from here, but I can say with certainty that each of us agrees: LCCP is much more than just another leadership certificate program.

Something about the environment the LCCP coaches had developed molded each cohort member into better personal and professional versions of ourselves.  Most of us had participated in similar conversations at one point or another in our pasts, but something about this setting was truly special. Relating course topics to our own personal experiences, we discussed how clarifying our values and maintaining professional credibility would lead to success in each of our environments.  We tackled challenges associated with prejudice and bias and articulated ways in which decisions or mindsets that we may have held for our entire lives were flawed. As we progressed through activities about finding our voice, grasping a signature presence, or giving and receiving meaningful constructive feedback, we watched each other grow and change every time we sat as a cohort together.

LCCP made me a better person and a more effective professional.  It changed my mindset when approaching difficult problems and nurtured new interpersonal analytical skills that I didn’t know existed, much less realized that I had lacked. It helped me confront long-standing perspectives I held/I had been holding onto and introduced me to a network of like-minded peers in my area, which has already proven useful in multiple ways. I never expected to have the chance to complete a program like the Leadership Coaching Certificate Program. It was an experience that benefited everyone, all of whom were at different stages of their respective careers. I’ll forever be grateful to each of the program faculty. I know I’m a better person because of your passion.

Author: Nick Lind