Diane Bassett

Diane serves as the full-time executive administrator for Ramerman Leadership Group (RLG). She is a hard-working, organized and detail-oriented individual with a broad range of experience in administrative and management positions. She excels at creating smooth workflow even in complex and dynamic work environments. She has a great combination of strong administrative ability and excellent oral, written and electronic communication skills. Diane has wonderful interpersonal and client-centric skills and is a team player with outstanding work ethic who is eager to take on new challenges. Diane is also the Program Manager for the Leadership Coaching Certificate Program (LCCP). She has the unique experience of having been a previous participant and is able to bring her program management skills to LCCP to enhance the program administratively. As a result of the program, she has also begun her own coaching business (Momentum Coaching). Diane is a graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College. Her work in developing a new church in the Rochester area prior to coming to RLG provided a great inroad to joining the team at RLG. She is passionate about people making positive changes in their lives- both personally and professionally. She is excited to serve as part of the faculty for LCCP and on the RLG team to work towards the goal of helping people accomplish meaningful transformation in their lives.

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