Jim Ramerman

Jim Ramerman is CEO of Ramerman Leadership Group and certified Executive Coach (MCC through ICF). He is an innovative executive coach and organizational consultant who has spent more than 25 years helping executives and their teams find better ways to work to achieve their personal and organizational goals. He generates thought-provoking and effective dialog and powerful questions, creating insights that lead to long-term positive change. He is the training director for LCCP, which is accredited by the ICF. Jim provides an encouraging and probing consultative presence. He invites his clients to find answers by getting clear about themselves and their organizations. He leads minds to higher functioning and teams to better results as they work the key drivers of leadership: clarity, credibility and encouraging presence. Jim’s experience includes consulting within a broad range of public, private, family-owned and not-for-profit organizations. These include but are not limited to engineering, education, hospitality, high tech, healthcare, advertising, retail, manufacturing, community services and professional services.

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